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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Woeful Offenses

The lack of offense the Royals have exhibited in recent weeks is now bordering on the unbelievable. After being shut out tonight 12-0 by the Twins for the third straight night the Royals are now on a 1-12 streak during which they've scored 27 runs (2.08 per game) and given up 91 (7 runs per game). The Royals have also now scored in only 2 of their last 45 innings. Overall, the Royals are now second to last in the AL in offense with 340 runs scored in 82 games (4.15 runs per game) leading only the Mariners at 336 runs.

Speaking of woeful offenses, the Cubs are also now scuffling having scored 2, 0, 2, and 0 runs in their previous 4 games. All their hitters look terribly impatient and are not hitting the few strikes they do swing at. Meanwhile they entered tonight's game 1 game in front in the Wild Card race and 5 games behind St. Louis. As I type this St. Louis is about to win again and the Dodgers are beating up on the Diamondbacks which will pull them even in the Wild Card and put them 6 games behind the Cards.

Both teams seem to be limping to the break.

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