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Monday, September 05, 2005

Wives and Husbands

Perhaps I'm just being surly but here's something that bothers me. This weekend we went to a church where the pastor preached on Colossions 3:17-24 in which Paul lays down some rules for Christian households.

As is typical the pastor spent the time focusing on what men often do wrong and how they could be better husbands to their wives, in this instance by listing a few questions men could regularly ask their wives to keep the communication flowing. While I'm certainly a man who could use a few pointers, it gets tiring hearing only one side of the equation and I think it gives women the false impression that only men have to change their behavior and strive to "live at peace" with their spouse.

And of course the reason for this is that most men, pastors included, feel very uncomfortable being critical of any woman and more so in public. I just wish a pastor would for once give equal time to the other side or just not preach this passage.

EOR (end of rant).

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Unknown said...


My wife and I just watched a standup comic named Bill Burr do a routine about this, saying that male/female pay discrepancies will disappear when men get to be on the lifeboat when the ship is sinking.

Seriously, though, you have a point. Men try to be good husbands yet we are constantly ridiculed and demeaned in popular culture as insensitive buffoons. Yet women (of my acquaintance, anyway) seem to make little effort to adapt their thinking or logic to a male perspective.

As another standup comedian, Chris Rock, says, men are handicapped in arguments-men have to make sense. Women aren't going to let a little thing like logic get in the way of a good argument.