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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Homerun Distribution

A question came up this week on the SABR list as to the distribution of homeruns. Using the 1992 play-by-play data from Retrosheet I ran a couple of queries:

HR by field

Left 1654 55%
Center 718 24%
Right 51 22%

HR by batter
L 1116 37%
R 1909 63%

HR by field and batter
L 7 80 3%
R 7 1574 52%
L 8 445 15%
R 8 273 9%
L 9 591 20%
R 9 60 2%

Retrosheet also includes more sophisticated data including homeruns down the line. For example, of the 1654 homeruns to left they were distributed as:

Fly ball down the line: 273
Other fly balls: 1110
Line drive down the line: 77
Other line drives: 194

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