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Monday, July 30, 2007

Playing Catch Up

After a week communing with family and nature up in Estes Park Colorado we're back and struggling to catch up. Here are a few new things...

  • Baserunning Metrics - as promised the leaders and trailers in baserunning are now up on Baseball Prospectus.

  • Stringing - The Rocky Mountain News wrote a little article on Gameday and a little about being a stringer with a few quotes from yours truly. The printed version had a nice picture of Mike Hageman who is the veteran among our crew at Coors Field.

  • Enhanced Gameday Links - Nice summary on a Reds blog of some of the analysis done using the PITCHf/x data.

  • Umpires - Speaking of which, my column last week was on umpire accurracy and named names. It's interesting that in that analysis I identified Doug Eddings as the second most pitcher-friendly umpire (albeit based only on 603 called pitches) behind Jeff Nelson as he gave the pitcher 38 more calls than hitters accounting for 6.3% of called balls and strikes. On Saturday night I took eleven family members to the Rockies/Dodgers game where Eddings was behind the plate and it certainly appeared that Eddings was calling a very low strike zone much to the pitcher's advantage.
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    Justin said...

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for linking to my little site. And, of course, for all your work on this interesting topic. :) -j