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Monday, November 17, 2003

The Future of IT: India

Read some disturbing stuff on the outsourcing of IT jobs to India and one CEO's perspective. Hard to complete with labor costs 1/12 that in the US and a huge population where high IQs can bubble to the top.

So that raises the question: What kinds of IT jobs will there be in the US in 10 years? As with most trends the big players are getting there first and so consultancies and developers working for mid-tier and small companies will be affected later (although not in all cases for sure). True consultants rather than those who perform staff augmentation will also survive longer as well as architects and project managers who can manage the remote team. In the end, with the increase in bandwidth and innovations in collaboration technology only the enconomic development of India will stem the tide. But of course once that happens the jobs will migrate to Indonesia or some other country. Welcome to globalism.

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