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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Royals Redux

Thanks to Ron Hostteter again for pointing out that Hernandez underwent Tommy John surgery at the end of last year and won't be available until 2005. Also, Ascencio was almost ready at the end of last year but the team didn't want to push him. So for the 5th starter that leaves:

  • Jimmy Gobble - I've not been impressed with him in the least. He's a flyball pitcher who doesn't throw very hard which is not a good combination, although maybe the deeper fences at the K this year will help him out more than the others.

  • Brad Voyles - Not impressive either. At least he's a power pitcher but he walks sooo many its hard to get excited about him.

  • Zack Greinke - Promising Royals prospect drafted out of high school. Great A numbers last year but struggled a bit in AA, except for his walks/inning which was very good. Should see him in AAA this year and probably called up at some point

  • Jose Lima - I doubt the Royals will resign him after injuries and the way he was shelled at the end of the year. Of course if he signs for peanuts that would help

  • So the core of the staff shapes up to be:

    SP - Asencio, May, Snyder, Anderson (hopefully the Royals can sign him), Gobble/Voyles
    RP - Affeldt (should be full time closer), MacDougal, Leskanic (the Royals need to sign him), Carrasco

    Overall, the Royals aren't in bad shape financially. Getting rid of the contracts of Tucker, Ibanez (who signed with the Mariners yesterday), Grimsley, Mayne, Randa and a bunch of others leaves (see the free agent tracker on them $12-15 million to sign Anderson, Leskanic, and a third baseman. In my previous post I said Randa would be resigned based on the fact that I doubt he can get what he's going to ask on the market and so he'll have to come back to KC for the same or less as last year. Taking a chance on Fernando Tatis wouldn't be all that bad if you can get him cheap.

    Also you could see DeJesus in CF and Beltran in LF. I don't know anything about DeJesus's arm and we didn't see Beltran's last year at all after his injury.

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