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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Christian, Barcelona, and the .NET Compact Framework

Nice to see that Christian Nagel is reading the Compact Framework book Jon Box and I wrote. Christian is a Regional Director in Austria, consultant, author, speaker (I don't know how he has time for everything he does) and great guy and my wife and I had fun talking with Christian and his wife while in Barcelona presenting at TechEd in 2001. The trip was a blast... except of course for the part where I picked up a bacteria right before coming home and spent 3 or 4 days recovering, even to the point of going to the hospital for an IV.

Except for the illness my wife and I had a great time touring around the medieval city and exploring the ruins of the Roman city of Barkino upon which Barcelona is built. The art museum there is especially fascinating as it contains ancient murals removed from small churches throughout Spain, many with just beautiful depictions of biblical scenes. It has also has a nice exhibit on the changing depictions of Christ from Roman times through the 1500s.

Also a nice review by Guy Barrette, the RD in Montreal.

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