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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Webcast Experiences

On Friday last week I did a webcast on app security in the .NET Framework. During the webcast there were audio and internet connection problems at the beginning, but once cleared up everything seemed to go fairly smoothly. However, because of the difficulties Microsoft asked me to re-record in the afternoon so the session could be burned to DVD for the upcoming Security Summits and to simply have a better copy for the archived version on the web (which will be available in 3 days or so and for which I'll place a link on the site). I did it although it was a long day of talking to myself in front of the computer. Although now that I think about it, I talk to myself quite a bit anyway. It was my first experience using Microsoft Live Meeting and I was quite impressed with both the presenter and participant interfaces. It pretty well stacks up to the Interwise software I'd used previously.

I'll be presenting at the Security Summits in Chicago on 4/14 and Dallas 4/30. At the former I'll be taking in a Cubs game on 4/15 versus the Pirates and at the latter catching up with my good friend Eric Lapp at a Rangers/Red Sox game.

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