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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Service Oriented Architectures

A couple of SOA related items of note. First, my article on classifying and representing data in an SOA was published on In it I simply provide a high-level overview of the four kinds of data that an architect would need to think about related to securing, transmitting, and handling when building an SOA. I wrote the article in part simply to clarify the notions in my own mind, not having implemented a full SOA before. I broke the data into:

  • Message - SOAP messages

  • Lookup - reference data

  • Process - transactional data

  • Business - persistant resource type data like inventory

  • I then go through how each might be handled in an SOA.

    Secondly, I was asked to the Whitehorse demo at the DevDays event tomorrow in St. Louis. Very cool technology that keeps the UML like model in sync with code and validates web services when attempting to deploy to a server. It is based on Microsoft's DSI initiative with the mantra "design for operations". Should help bridge the gap between developers and infrastructure.


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