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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Dream Job Update

I mentioned in a previous post that I had gotten a job as a scorer ("stringer") for and would be scoring 25 to 30 Royals games this season. Well, I’ve read over the handbook for scorers and scored a handful of practice games in text files by coming up with a code for each of the events in a game as well as scoring a game using the client software. Although the number of code combinations is likely in excess of 5,600 as I mentioned, the core codes include a set of 40 or so used in different combinations and separated with punctuation into pre and post base running events as well as the primary event.

While I was at first daunted by the handbook, the codes are, for the most part, well organized, intuitive, and consistent, which should make it doable when the time comes (even for me). I’m looking forward to it and my first two games are April 7 and 8. If you "watch" the game on Gamecast on let me know what you think. Play Ball!

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