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Friday, March 05, 2004

Cubs News

Well, the first spring training game is history and although the Cubs lost, Corey Patterson hit a homerun and looks good right now. I'm a little concerned about Mark Prior's achilles problems that seem to be a holdover from last September. Hopefully, this won't turn into something chronic but I'm worried since the rest over the offseason apparently didn't help much.

Also, I just received my 2004 copy of the Baseball Prospectus, which I'm happy to report is even bigger than last year and that I'll be hauling down to Arizona in just 9 days and perusing in the (hopefully) warm sun (46 at game time yesterday in Mesa). I noticed that in talking about Moises Alou BP noted that perhaps Dusty should use him in the leadoff spot since his power is down and his plate discipline might even improve if given the incentive. Not a bad idea at all but there is a 0% chance that Dusty would ever do something like that. He's far too old school.

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