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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Grapefruit League

After finishing up teaching in Orlando today I drove down to Winter Haven and caught most of the Indians - Pirates game at the home of the Indians, Chain of Lakes Park. I along with about 4,300 others, sat down the left field line and watched the Pirates win 6-1 with the newly acquired Rick Reed getting the start and saw homeruns by new Pirate Raul Mondesi and former Cub Bobby Hill.

Chain of Lakes Park was very comfortable and although it had the feel of an older minor league park, it was well maintained with nice landscaping and didn't have the crowded feeling of Scottsdale stadium I visited a couple weeks back. Sitting down the line I was right next to the Pirates bullpen. The fans were quite pleasant and teased each other throughout the game. All in all a very nice afternoon well spent.

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