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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

ADO.NET 2.0 and Whidbey

Since many folks have a copy of Whidbey (either the PDC or the Community Technology Preview March 2004) version I thought I'd post a list of items that you may have thought were in ADO.NET v2.0 but are not:

  • Server-side cursors i.e. the SqlResultset class

  • Asynchronous connection objects (although asynchronous commands are still in)

  • Provider-specific table objects i.e. the SqlDataTable that I blogged about previously

  • Data Paging i.e. the ExecutePageReader methods of the command objects

  • ObjectSpaces, not exactly cut and will make a reappearance after Whidbey ships

  • I'll be talking about what's left on Saturday June 5th, 3:10-4:20PM and June 6th, 11:10-12:20PM at the DevEssentials conference in Kansas City. Still lots of cool features to be sure. Right now I am planning on covering:

  • ObjectSpaces

  • Provider Factories

  • SQL Bulk Copy

  • Asynchronous Commands

  • DataSet Changes

  • Batch Updates

  • Performance Improvements

  • MARS

  • Query Notifications

  • Yukon UDTs

  • Snapshot Isolation
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