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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Royals Corrections

A couple of minor points regarding my previous post on the first quarter of the Royals 2004 season.

  • I had mentioned that the organization gave up on Aaron Guiel too soon. To be more precise the team did sit him down after his slow start but then put him on the DL with blurred vision. Obviously, if he's having vision problems it was right to sit him down. However, I think they did so before he admitted/was diagnosed with the problem.

  • Leskanic was not put on the DL as I had said although he was sent back to KC at one point to have an MRI and was rested. He's responded pretty well since then going scoreless in 5 straight outings pitching 4 2/3. For the season though he is only 2 of 5 in save opportunities.

  • Anderson has now been sent to the bullpen. Look for Jamey Wright to perhaps be called up to take his spot in the rotation. If so, he might pitch Tuesday in Detroit.

  • Their league lead in unearned runs is also contributed to by the pitching staff not picking up many strikeouts. Without strikeouts runners who've reached base via errors are more easily advanced and score on sac flys and ground outs.

  • Although I made this point it's probably worth repeating - everyone is complaining most about the Royals pitching but the hitting has been just as bad
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