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Friday, June 04, 2004

Interleague Play Begins Monday

In 1997 Major League Baseball began interleague play. This year 252 interleague games will be played in three separate time frames in June and early July. While at first I was concerned that it would take away from the mystique of the All-Star game (it has) and World Series (it hasn't) its' success in generating interest in the game has offset any negatives. Average attendance since 1997 at interleague games is 32,676 up 14.3% over regular games. Two different years the Cubs played the Royals here in KC and in one series I remember Sammy Sosa hitting three homeruns in 2 days while Johnny Damon had 5 hits to beat the Cubs in one of the games.

This year the NL Central will play the AL West and the AL Central plays the NL East. That means that the Expos and Mets will come to Kauffman stadium along with the Cardinals who the Royals always play because of the intrastate rivalry and the Royals will travel to Atlanta and Philadelphia. Meanwhile the Cubs will travel to Anaheim to play the Angels on the next road trip and play the A's at home and then play a home and home series with the White Sox.

Over the first seven season the NL holds a slight edge 863-833 although the A's have the best record at 75-38. The worst record belongs to the Devil Rays at 38-68. The Royals are 51-70 while the Cubs are 52-51.

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