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Sunday, October 03, 2004

104 in 2004

With a 5-0 loss today the Royals end at 58-104, setting a new record for losses. This little box from the Royals website kind of sums up the season:

Team Leaders
AVG: J. Randa, .288
HR: M. Sweeney, 22
RBI: M. Sweeney, 79
W: Two tied, 9
ERA: D. May, 5.61
K: D. May, 120

Ouch. Also if you look at sabermetric stats like Win Shares you'll see that as of 9/23 remarkably Carlos Beltran still leads the team with a paultry 13, tied with Mike Sweeney. Joe Randa was second with 12. A Win Share is defined as a 3rd of a win so Sweeney was credited with contributing just over 4 wins. No other team even approaches this level.

Calvin Pickering in the short time he was up had as many Win Shares as Brian Anderson and Dee Brown combined (4).