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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

No Mas Macias Please

As expected the Cubs re-signed utility infielder Jose Macias. I wasn't a fan of the original signing last year and in my estimation the Cubs spent another $825,000 (at least he didn't get a raise) on a very very mediocre player (and that's being kind). Given that the Cubs already signed Neifi Perez I have no idea why Jim Hendry wants another one of these guys.

What's most disappointing though is that Dusty Baker loves guys like Macias (old, no plate discipline, can run a little) and so you know that if you give him these kinds of players (Marvin Bernard, Calvin Murray, and Tom Goodwin spring to mind), he'll actually use them. He started Macias almost 10% of the time (13 games) in the outfield (7 in right, 3 each in center and left) in addition to his 15 starts at second and third. So that's 28 starts for a guy who had a .292 OBP and all of 5 walks in 204 plate appearances. And this was not a fluke. His career OBP is .301 in over 1,500 plate appearances. He's 33 and not getting any better. There is nothing to like about this.

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