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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Thanks Quilogy

For those who haven't heard this is my last week at Quilogy. After nine years of consulting, training, project management, courseware development, more training, and architecture at Solutech/Quilogy I felt I needed to take advantage of a different opportunity to further my career. Hopefully, there will be more to write in that regard in the future.

As for my time at Quilogy I have nothing but good things to say. The company - CEO Randy Schilling and CIO Alan Groh - has given me the opportunities to develop my technical skills and the freedom to integrate other interests such as writing, for which I'm very grateful. Rick Kight, now in St. Charles heading up the Quilogy Development Center (QDC), was my first manager here in the Kansas City office (in the heady days when Powerbuilder was king) and remains a good friend. Michael Smith, Jan Brandt, Eko Setiawan, Lindsay Kinnan, Bob Kimbrough, Chris Eckles, and Ron Hostetter among many others in KC have all been very good to me and have been a pleasure to work with. Of course Jon Box in Memphis worked with me on both the first Atomic course and the Compact Framework book and I'm sure we'll be collaborating in the future.

Throughout the rest of Quilogy Manish Chandak and John McCartan in St. Louis, Dean Furness in Des Moines, and John Talbott and Dave Koopmans in Omaha have all been long time Solutech/Quilogy employees that I highly respect for their skill as well as their work ethic.

I'm excited about the new opportunities but it's always hard to leave what you know and what you're comfortable with especially, when like me, you're leaving a good place to work. Thanks Quilogy.


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