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Friday, March 24, 2006

Baseball Prospectus

Although probably not as cool as Aaron Gleeman's 15 minutes of fame in Sports Illustrated, I am excited to announce that I'll be writing for Baseball Prospectus with a weekly column starting next week.

I've very much enjoyed writing on The Hardball Times over the last 9 months and have nothing but admiration for Aaron and Dave Studeman. THT will continue to be a must read for me everyday.


Ron Hostetter said...

Congratulations! I know you've been a huge fan of BP for years, so it must be very gratifying for you to be writing for them.

I've resisted buying a subscription to BP.COM for 2 years, but I may have to give in after all.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dan! Always nice to see nice guys do well.

I was a little down on BP since James Click left, but now they've got me locked in for as long as you're there at least.



rluzinski said...

I assume it's a paying gig? Congratulations! You deserve it. The only downside is that your work will be accessable to less people but what are you going to do...

MackJohnny said...

Just got a look at your first column at BP. I like it, especially the title.

I've been using Schrödinger's Bat (although with the spelling Schroedinger's Bat) as my preferred team name in fantasy baseball for about 3 years now. Great minds think alike, as they say. Keep up the good work.

John MacKenzie.

Dan Agonistes said...

Thanks everyone for your support. Always open to column and article ideas as well...