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Monday, April 03, 2006

Here We Go Again

I love opening day and wish that Cincinnati would still get the honor of throwing out the first pitch, but still it was great to plunk down in front of the White Sox/Indians game last night.

Of course, then John Miller started right in with "small ball" and talking about the White Sox as if they were the "Go-Go Sox" of 1959 again. And this morning over at the lead story says:

"A sold-out crowd of 38,802 was treated to Ozzie Guillen's usual brand of small ball, with Brian Anderson and Jermaine Dye both swiping bases, not to mention great situational hitting up and down the order."

They also had 10 hits, picked up 9 walks, a three-run homerun from Jim Thome, and left 7 runners on base on their way to scoring 10 runs. I was hoping that the zillion times it's been pointed out over the course of the offseason that the White Sox offense was fueled by the homerun in 2005 would start to sink in. But beat writers need good story lines and this is one that fits so nicely into our preconceived notions that it's difficult to let go of.

Looking foward to my first regular season day with MLB.TV ready to go and the Cubs kicking off at 12:15 MT.

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