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Friday, September 14, 2007

More Fish/Eye

My column this week on Baseball Prospectus included a return of the Fish/Eye chart I built to illustrate the continuum of plate discipline. I've added a new metric this time called Square which tracks the percentage of pitches in the strike zone swung at and made contact with. A high value here (relative to the average of over 87 percent) indicates that when the batter offers at a strike he usually makes contact. On the contrary, a lower value indicates hitters who, for reasons such as a long swing, are more apt to swing through strikes. In any case, I also relate this metrics to Wily Mo Pena and my discussion from a previous column.

Several readers have alerted me to the fact that the group charts I showed cut a few players off at the edges. New charts coming soon...

Update: I posted new charts and some additional information about performance by quadrant on BP's Unfiltered blog.

1 comment:

Pizza Cutter said...

Dan, have you thought about looking into how far each hitter is into each quadrant. You can use a radial coordinate system, and use the length of the line to see if it correlates to performance in each quadrant.