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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Charlie Hustle

Great column on Pete Rose and the Hall of Fame by George Will. Will's position is that Rose should be banned forever because of his ongoing lies and "hustle" (in the negative sense). However, my take on it is that his gambling was done as a manager and that his playing career should be honored by him being in the HOF since I don't think that when he played he violated "the integrity of competition" (I've never heard allegations to that effect). But because he's demonstrated that he can't be trusted to tell the truth he shouldn't be allowed to be in uniform or working for a team. And certainly not managing where his conduct clearly violated the integrity clause.

When talking about Rose I'm always reminded of the reasoning that says "well, if Cobb is in there..." Every time I think about Rose in the HOF I compare him to Cobb who had different vices (although he may have thrown games in 1919 with Tris Speaker) but character that was every bit as repulsive.

Tough call. One thing's for sure, whichever way Selig goes he'll be criticized for it.

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