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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Royals Get Gonzales

Well, the Royals finally signed Juan Gonzales to a one year contract. I don't think terms of the deal were announced but he made $13M last year with the Rangers although I'm certain he'll make significantly less for the Royals. He's been injured more than he's played since 2001 but has still been productive hitting 31 homeruns in about 600 at bats. It'll be interesting to see how he hits in a larger Kauffman stadium.

So the Royals depth chart looks a little better now.

1B - Harvey, Stairs
2B - Relaford, Graffanino
SS - Berroa, Graffanino
3B - Randa, Graffanino
RF - Gonzales, Stairs
CF - Beltran, Rich Thompson (obtained in the Rule 5 draft)
LF - Guiel, DeJesus
C - Santiago, Stinnet
DH - Sweeney, Harvey

SP - Anderson, May, Asencio, Appier, Snyder (maybe Affeldt)
RP - Affeldt, MacDougal, Leskanic, Grimsely, Sullivan, Carrasco

I have 26 players listed so I would doubt that Thompson would make the ballclub or one of the pitchers like Carrasco.

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