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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Going South for the Winter

Ok, maybe not for the winter but at least for a few days in spring, as in Spring Training. That's right, me, my father-in-law Ed, my co-worker Ron, his son Joey, and his brother are all heading down to Phoenix in mid-March for three days of soaking in the sun with both the Cubs and Royals.

We'll arrive on a Sunday morning and head straight to Scottsdale to catch the Cubs/Giants split-squad game that afternoon. The next day we'll be in Mesa for the Cubs/Royals game, and the following day in Suprise for the Royals/Rangers. I've been to Mesa one other time (in 1998) and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of relative youth both at the ballpark and basically anywhere we went in Mesa. We plan to arrive at the complexes in Mesa and Suprise early and see some of the workouts before the 2nd and 3rd games. Great time of year to be thinking and talking baseball...hope springs eternal!

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