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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Cubs Notes

Interesting quote from Cubs GM Jim Hendry as reported on The Cub Reporter.

"Some guys are great defensive catchers, some are great offensively and some, like [Mike] Piazza are a combination of both." - Cubs GM Jim Hendry, on Michael Barrett (Chicago Tribune - 4/23/04)

I wonder who Jim thinks is a bad defensive catcher?

In other notes Prior appears ready to throw a simulated game having thrown 55 pitches off the mound in Arizona and so is one step closer to coming back. Good news. Wood was suspended for 5 games today for his antics in last week's loss to the Reds and so will miss a start when he loses the inevitable appeal. The Cubs have been pounded to the tune of 19-1 the last two days in Arizona. Hoping for better results tonight as Greg Maddux takes the mound.

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