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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Stringer 2

Quick report on day 2 in the life of a stringer. Unfortunately the Royals lost 6-1 to the Indians and on my birthday (and the 30th anniversary of Hank Aaron's 715th homerun) to boot. A pretty uneventful game although Jeremy Affeldt committed two balks, both of which led directly to runs. Affeldt also did not strike anyone out in 5 and 2/3 innings which, along with his only 7 strikeouts in some 25 innings in Spring Training, concerns me. Perhaps his velocity is down or his curveball is not as sharp. Could it be the half finger nail?

As far as the scoring went, there were no difficult plays and the software worked well and so I'm confident I batted 1.000 on this one. Fellow stringer Dave sat in with me and helped out. Also a very nice and accommodating guy.

Here's a shot of my seat in the 2nd row and the view of the field with the laptop and printer we use.

And here's another of the press box as a whole about an hour and a half before the game. It does fill up a bit although the crowd was only 14,167 today.

I won't be scoring again until late April.

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