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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Longest Playoff Game? Think Again

It has been widely reported that the 18-inning, 5 hour and 50 minute Astros 7-6 win over the Braves was the longest postseason game in baseball history.

But as is usual a SABR member, Phil Lowry in this case, keeps track of such things and has reported that there have been at least three postseason games that have gone 20 or more inning, one of which occurred just this year. They are:

  • 6-Sep-1990, California League: Stockton 5, Bakersfield 4, 22 innings
    (suspended after 21, resumed the next day)
  • 7-Sep-2005, South Atlantic League: Kannapolis 4, Charleston 3, 21 innings
  • 7-Sep-1990, American Association: Omaha 8, Nashville 7, 20 innings
So more appropriately the Astros game was the longest postseason game in Major League history. And you thought the accumulated information of baseball geeks wasn't useful. Shame on you.

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