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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gammons on Bloggers

I'm told that Peter Gammons had this to say in his latest column (an insider subscription is required)...

"The forum that the Internet has provided for statistics andstatistical analysis is one of the biggest changes in the way we follow baseball in this century. Granted, there are what one friend calls "stat Nazis who believe there is no human element." Granted, statistics are ways to lead us all to predictable truths. But what "Bill James Baseball Abstract" and the Hirdt Brothers' "Elias Baseball Analyst" opened our eyes to nearly 20 years ago have become daily necessities.

There cannot be a better, more thoughtful Internet journal than "Baseball Prospectus," which has the invaluable and unique resource of Will Carroll's "Under the Knife," bookmarked by every front office and media member. "Hardball Times" is daily must-reading, as well as "Baseball Analysts" and the "Baseball Think Factory." Now there are countless blogs, none better than David Pinto's "Baseball Musings," which also provide several significant tools.

Look, it may kill the scout in the field to hear that one can learn alot from statistical analysis annuals geared to Rotisserie heads, but it's certainly true, starting with the annuals published by "Baseball Prospectus" and "Hardball Times."

But take, for instance, Ron Shandler's "Baseball Forecaster." Shandler makes no bones about the fact that he gears his book to Rotisserie players. But as one pours through all the statistical data, there are fascinating statistical prognostication tools, from measures of a pitcher's dominance and command, to percentages of balls hit on the ground, in the air and on a line. Or measures of a hitter's ability to make contact...

.....To Joe Sheehan, Lee Sinins, David Pinto, Ron Shandler, Rob Neyer, all those tireless bloggers, thanks. You make my job far easier, and farmore interesting. And changed the way we look at the game.

Here here! Love to see the plug for the THT Annual.


Greg andrew said...

See if you have an Insider sub

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