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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ryan Shealy

Marc Normandin has a nice profile of Ryan Shealy on his site today that shows the various projections for him.

To that list I'll add Ron Shandler's from his 2006 Baseball Forecaster.

147 20 42 7 22 1 .285 .342 .494

I saw him play both in Colorado Springs last season as well as in Denver. What was a bit disappointing was that his walk rate continue to take a step backwards as it has since A ball (although in Colorado he walked 13 times in 104 plate appearances). I'm hopeful that he can learn to play a bit of outfield since he won't get much playing time with Todd Helton at first other than in interleague games as a DH. As a result Shandler's forecasted at bats may be closer to the mark.

Matt Holiday is a pretty brutal left fielder and so the competition isn't that stiff. Brad Hawpe has a good arm in right field although he hasn't really shown the kind of power expected of him yet at the major league level.

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