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Monday, July 10, 2006

Baseball History IQ

For those who want to test their baseball IQs take a look at this quiz on ESPN. What I found most interesting are the scores by major leaguers and other analysts.

Top score for players was Kevin Mench at 40 with Mike Meyers at 35, Mark Grudzielanek at 34 and Joe Maddon at 31. Gary Gillette took the top spot for ESPN analysts at 45 with Rob Neyer at 43 and Keith Law and Jim Caple at 41. I scored a 38 and missed a couple of easy ones by not fully reading the question ("who debuted as the oldest player not played as the oldest"). Anyway, interesting stuff.

1 comment:

Studes said...

I scored a pathetic 34, but I've never been one for trivia. I've always liked this quote from Einstein: "Never memorize anything you can look up."

I also was much better at historical trivia than current trivia.