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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Cubs pick up setup man

The Cubs today reportedly are set to sign LaTroy Hawkins to a three year deal. Great setup man the last 2 years. With Remlinger and Farnsworth they would be solid. With the Lee trade that sets up the Cubs as follows:

1B - Lee, Simon as backup and pinch hitter
2B - Grudz (free agent but likely resign although the Cubs appear to be going after Vina, which would be a good move)
SS - Gonzales (unfortunately but still has a contract)
3B - Ramirez (should try and lock him up for a couple years)
RF - Sosa (just exercised his option)
CF - Patterson (injury free and with some patience, who knows?)
LF - Alou (1 year left on contract)
C - Miller (should look hard at Rodriguez or someone else but it doesn't look like they will)

SP - Prior, Wood, Clement (Cubs picked up option), Zambrano, Need a fifth starter
RP - Borowski, Hawkins, Remlinger, Farnsworth, Cruz

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