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Friday, December 05, 2003

Cubs Rumors

The Cubs are reportedly still talking with Kennry Lofton as a fourth outfielder and a deal with Grudzielanek has not been reached although it looks like the Cubs are pretty set on trying to sign him. I'd like to see them go after Vina at second instead since he could fill the leadoff spot. I also wouldn't mind them taking a run at Javy Lopez although his price tag may be a little high. Looks as if Cruz is now projected as the 5th starter. It would be nice to have another plan there as well. They may also resign Tom Goodwin since he is one of Dusty's favorites and did perform well last year. If they sign Lofton I would rather they looked at a reserve with more power. also noted that Hawkins turned down more money from the Yankees to play for the Cubs since he is a long time fan from the days of the daily-double, Leon Durham, and Jody Davis. Still, he'll get $11M over two years and has incentives that might raise it to $15M as well as an optional 3rd year.

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