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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Royals Hot Stove Redux

The Royals have also made some good moves lately by signing Kelly Stinnet as a backup catcher and Tony Graffanino to fill the backup infielder role. They're still looking for a power hitting left fielder so there is a possibility they could still sign Juan Gonzales or Raul Mondesi. So the Royals depth chart is:

1B - Harvey, Stairs
2B - Relaford, Graffanino
SS - Berroa, Graffanino
3B - Randa, Graffanino
RF - Guiel, Thompson
CF - Beltran, Rich Thompson (obtained in the Rule 5 draft)
LF - DeJesus, Stairs
C - Santiago, Stinnet
DH - Sweeney, Harvey

SP - Anderson, May, Asencio, Appier, Snyder (maybe Affeldt)
RP - Affeldt, MacDougal, Leskanic, Grimsely, Sullivan, Carrasco

They're definitely an improved team and it looks like the Twins and White Sox might be down. You never know in the AL Central!

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