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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

More Royals Notes 9/14/04

Here are a few more notes as the Royals take on the Yankees tonight at Kauffman Stadium...

Royals who are hot include:

  • Joe Randa who is 77 for 231 (.333) with 15 doubles, a triple, and 5 homeruns since June 6
  • Angel Berroa who is 23 for 47 (.489) in September
  • The Royals are averaging 8.9 rpg in their last 9 games but only winning 5 of the 9
  • To avoid 100 losses the Royals will need to go 11-8 or better in their last 19 games
  • Even with 26 runs in his last start Zack Greinke's run support is still only 4.6 runs per game (92 runs in 20 starts). Greinke has 10 quality starts and the Royals are 9-11 in games he starts

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