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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Homerun Distribution Amended

I recently posted some 1992 retrosheet data but unfortunately, one of the tables was incorrect. The distribution of homeruns by field was skewed since I forgot that homeruns to left center are scored with a "78" while those to right center are "89". My original numbers then made it seem that right handed batters pulled many more balls than left handed batters. Here are the amended numbers:

L Pct R Pct
LF 40 4% 1076 56%
LF-CF 41 4% 498 26%
CF 117 10% 191 10%
CF-RF 331 30% 84 4%
RF 592 53% 60 3%
1121 1909

In addition I found the following percentages of line drives versus fly balls.

Fly balls: 2528 84%
Line Drives: 495 16%
Ground Balls: 2 (wrong codes I assume)
Uncoded: 13

And while we're on corrections...I now understand that researcher David Stephen has discovered that Dale Mitchell actually had 59 hits in 154 AB in August of 1948 eclipsing the mark of 58 by Jeff Heath in August of 1938.

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