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Thursday, September 02, 2004

SABR Comes Through

I found this on the SABR list regarding Ichiro Suzuki and his 56 hit month of August:

A researcher named David Stephan, who is affiliated with Retrosheet (, is believed to be the leading authority 50-hit months.he claims that:

* Ichiro is the first-player ever with three 50-hit months in a season.

* 7th time that a player has had consecutive 50-hit months: Joe Medwick, 1936; Lou Gehrig 1930; Bill Terry, 1929 & 1930; Rogers Hornsby 1924; Cobb, 1917

* The record for most hits in a month is 67, done twice by Ty Cobb and once by Tris Speaker. 13 players have had 60+ hits in a month.

* The record for most 50-hit months in a career is 10, by George Sisler. 2nd-most is 7 by Heinie Manush.

* There have been 215 50-hit months all-time: never in April, 11 in May, 21 in June, 92 in July, 68 in August, 23 in September.

* Ichiro's 56 hit month was the most in the bigs since Jeff Heath had 58 in August 1938.

Trent McCotter also contributed to this research. You can always count on a SABR member to get to the bottom of an issue.

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