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Monday, January 10, 2005

Colorado Bound

Well, the last month has certainly been a time of change for me and my family. After resigning from Quilogy after nine years I've now accepted a position in Colorado Springs with Compassion International. Compassion is a Christian ministry that links sponsors with children in need in over 20 countries. Their credo is "Releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name". Needless to say I'm excited about the opportunity to use my IT skills and experience to serve in this fashion. Currently Compassion assists over 600,000 children, a number which will be increasing in the coming years.

Of course it also means a move from the Kansas City area, which we'll greatly miss as we've very much enjoyed our 10 years in Overland Park and Shawnee since our move from Houston. To that end our house in western Shawnee (west of I-435 off Monitcello in the Lakepointe subdivision) is now on the market. Click here to go the listing on

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