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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sweeney Frustrated

Mike Sweeney had this to say today in the KC Star:

“It looks like the plan isn't what I thought it would be. It is a bit frustrating. I'm not the owner. And I'm not the GM. But I am a player who wants to win. It's frustrating when you're told they're going to build the team around you. I was willing to do that. I said, ‘Just show me that it'll be worth it for me.' Not financially, but just show me you're going to build a team, a winning team, around me. I don't feel like Mr. Glass lied to me. He's a fine man. I just feel like I've been misled a little bit.”

Sweeney says David Glass told him the payroll would inch up towards the $60M mark instead of being stuck down at $42M to $45M where its been the last two seasons.

I think alot of fans are a bit frustrated with this offseason where it doesn't appear the Royals have made any moves to make them better in the long term. Acquiring Terrance Long, Eli Marrero, Jose Lima, and Dennis Tankersely isn't likely to improve the team's fortunes significantly in 2005. They won't be worse, but they won't be much better either.

It feels a lot different than last year at this time when we were all excited about the possiblities. But what do I know, I was one of those excited and then the wheels fell off and boat developed a gaping hole.

That said, I'm still looking forward to my trip to Spring Training March 19-22 to catch a few Royals and Cubs games in the land of the sun. Can't wait.

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