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Monday, January 03, 2005

Not so Tolerant

A discerning reader left this comment on my post about Forms of Tolerance:

Actually, I don't think that "epistemological tolerance" as defined here is really "tolerance" at all -- it's really acceptance which is quite different. To be sure, it's still referred to as tolerance by the left so that we have no real defense against it without sounding as if we're not tolerant -- so it's a verbal slight-of-hand -- Rather like calling everybody who doesn't accept and acknowledge the validity of the homosexual lifestyle as "homophobic." By accepting the word, "tolerance" in the phrase, "epistemological tolerance," we're buying into the game. Rather, we should be protesting against the left's use of the word "tolerance" at all, to denote something that really goes well beyond.

I couldn't agree more and my post should have ended with this warning against using the term incorrectly as the left often does.

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