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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Creating Exchange Appointments with WebDAV

The project I'm currently working on has a requirement that appointments be created in Exchange by a Windows Service. To do this I decided to use WebDav on Exchange 2003. Because it took a few hours to figure out how it works I thought other might benefit from the following links:

1. Here is the link the Exchange SDK base code to get you going

2. Here is the link to a couple methods that perform the synthetic logon to OWA that you'll need if you are attempting to do this forms authentication enabled on the Exchange server. You'll need to add the cookies that are retrieved in this snippet to the HttpRequest object before making the request

3. Here is the link you'll need if you're attempting to do this over SSL when the certificate needs to be accepted. You'll need to call this method before performing the forms authentication.

With these three pieces you can create a little ExchangeHelper class with a method that creates an appointment. Happy Exchanging!

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