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Monday, June 20, 2005

Oh Say Can You Sing?

Well, here's something new. A company called Good Sports Recordings, Inc. has made a CD called "Oh Say Can You Sing?" which features 11 current and former major leaguers singing and performing various songs. Here's the list.

Ben Broussard - Cleveland Indians - Vocals & Guitar on U2's With or Without You
Sean Casey - Cincinnati Reds - Vocals on Toby Keith's How Do You Like Me Now?
Jeff Conine - Florida Marlins - Vocals on Stone Temple Pilots' Plush
Coco Crisp - Cleveland Indians - Rap on his original track We Got That Thing
Matt Ginter - Detroit Tigers - Banjo on The Dillard's Dooley
Aubrey Huff -Tampa Bay Devil Rays - Vocals on John Michael Montgomery's Letters From Home
Scott Linebrink - SD Padres - Vocals & Guitar on Pat Green's Wave on Wave
Jimmy Rollins - Philadelphia Phillies - Rap on his original track Wish List
Ozzie Smith - Hall of Famer - Vocals on Sam Cooke's Cupid
Omar Vizquel - SF Giants - Vocals & Drums on the Goo Goo Dolls Broadway
Kelly Wunsch - LA Dodgers - Vocals & Guitar on John Mellencamp's Hurts So Good

I'm not sure that either music or baseball fans will be enamored of these recordings but you gotta love that entrapenurial spirit.

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