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Friday, June 24, 2005


Just getting set to score the Rockies/Royals game tonight for at Coors Field. These are the two youngest teams in baseball with Royals coming in at 27.11 years old and the Rockies at 28.19 years. The Royals come in having gone 12-9 since Buddy Bell took over. The Royals are also 11-9 in June and if they play well this weekend could lock up their first winning month since July of 2003 when they went 15-11.

Here's an interesting Rockies stat. The Rockies have held the lead in 27 of their 48 losses (56%). That leads the majors. They are also 7-12 in one-run games and 6-10 in two-run games. The Rockies troubles also continued on the 1-8 road trip they just finished where they hit .224 and went 11 for 66 with runners in scoring position. They are also now 5-31 on the road, the worst since the Twins went 5-32 to start the 1982 season.

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