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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Visualizing Pennant Races

Now here is something very cool.


Norm Cimon said...

Great stuff. If Edward Tufte's The Visual Display of Quantitative Information had anything to say about computer animations he'd probably love this one. All that rich information about a day-by-day pennant race crammed into a small but very neat space.

unca said...

This is fun except for the fact that I chose NL 1969 and felt the agony all over again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with unca, that I chose 1969 and still the outcome is the same.

I however changed my allegiance when the Dbacks came to fruition and watched 1999 and the most glorious year of 2001. In my lifetime, I have witnessed and succeeded to support a winning and World Championship caliber team called the Arizona Diamondbacks. I thank JC and JC, Jesus Christ and Jerry Coangelo!