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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year In Review

The week between Christmas and New Year's is always a time to reflect on the year that was and make plans for the year to come. While I'm not a big one for resolutions, I do like to spend a day or two thinking about where I've been in the past year as preparation for some modest goal setting in the upcoming year.

From an admittedly limited baseball and blogging perspective then, I hope you'll indulge me in a quick list of some of the highlights of 2006.

  • Joining the staff of Baseball Prospectus in April has been a wonderful opportunity for expanding my understanding of the game through the various interactions with all those on staff, not to mention the knowledgeable subscribers.

  • Being able to write a weekly column for the entire year, first over at Hardball Times, and then at BP under the title "Schrodinger's Bat", comprising 52 pieces and over 125,000 words. In that venue I've been able to write about topics are far ranging as historical trends in hit batsmen to baserunning to the outlook for Mark Teahen. It's been great thus far and I've appreciated all of the feedback and encouragement.

  • Completing my third season as a stats stringer for I continue to be amazed at the professionalism and dedication of the staff at as well as their eye towards innovation and look forward to once again faithfully recording the events of the game from the Coors Field press box.

  • I've enjoyed my association with Rocky Mountain SABR this year culminating in the annual banquet and look forward to my involvement in '07.

  • Attending my first SABR convention was certainly a highlight. The several days spent in Seattle were a blast and I enjoyed meeting Maury Brown, Jay Jaffe, Aaron Gleeman, Steve Treder, and many others. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend SABR 37 in St. Louis as a family reunion is scheduled the same weekend but it'll be a highlight of 2008 as the convention moves to Cleveland I'm sure.

  • Once again I travelled to spring training in Arizona with friends from Kansas City and spent a relaxing four days in the sun, rain, and wind this time expanding the usual routine to head to Tuscon for a day.

  • My first visit to Fenway Park in June was definitely a highlight. Roaming through the nearly empty park and standing on the field before the doubleheader where Ruth, Williams, Clemens, and the all the rest played was something I won't soon forget.

  • I'll be entering my fifth year as a blogger and fast approaching my 1,000th post. Oh, and I'm (as are many of you) Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

  • So now we can turn the page of 2006. Here's wishing you a blessed New Year.

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    Tangotiger said...


    What would it take to get each scorer a stopwatch, or get a second scorer (to track time the ball is in flight)?

    The NHL has NINE scorers, 6 for play-by-play. Why is MLB lagging so far behind on this one?