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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Refinements in SFR

With all the Mitchell report goings on today I almost forgot that my column on Baseball Prospectus this week focuses on refinements of the SFR (Simple Fielding Runs) system I discussed last week. In particular it focuses on adding the additional context of batter handedness and bunting as well as a more sophisticated technique for partitioning ground balls among shared "areas of responsibility".

After the article was submitted, however, I realized that on the latter point there is a simple way to partition balls between the short and second area of responsibility following the same principle outlined in the column instead of making a 50/50 split as I did. I've since incorporated that and will be taking a look at whether it improves the system for middle infielders. In any case, as always comments are welcome.

1 comment:

Guy said...

Dan: I suspect your low correlation with UZR is a function of not controlling for base/out situation. With runner on 1B and 2B open, the 1Bman has to hold the runner which increases the hits on GBs to right side of IF. It should be easy for you to add a parameter for that.