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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Business of Sports

Nice post by David Pinto at Baseball Musings on the MIT Sloan Sports Business Conference. Baseball Prospectus' own Kevin Goldstein was a panelist and it sounds as if the conference was a success. I especially liked this:

Ricciardi also had the best line of the day when asked about clutch hitting. He talked about how there are players who don't panic in certain situations, who can "slow the game down." He mentioned how David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez were like that and added, "I've known Manny since he was 15, and I don't think he knows the game is on the line." The Boston crowd loved it.
I also found his description of this company pretty interesting. I wonder how much Cubs tickets to the World Series will go for? The site currently does not have baseball but apparently it will be coming soon...

Update: Sal Baxamusa has a nice overview of the conference on The Hardball Times and Kevin Goldstein notes how J.P. Riccardi gave a mention to VORP.


Tangotiger said...

Funny. Manny Ramirez is one of the worst clutch hitters from 2002-2006, leaving 5.5 wins in that time frame. In that same time period, Ortiz was the opposite at plus 5.7 wins. Manny's got to be one of the laziest players around.

I'm not saying it means anything. But, if someone wants to call Manny "clutch", they better come armed better than "I know him".

Dan Agonistes said...

Thanks for looking that up. It's really interesting to me that Riccardi wouldn't have had a sense of Manny's performance using measures like you link to on Fangraphs.

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