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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dayton Moore Speaks

Good friend Ron Hostetter posted a nice overview of a talk Royals GM Dayton Moore gave at his brother's church several days ago. I thought these snippets (questions and answers that Ron paraphrased) were interesting...

Moore expressed his belief that the success of a baseball player depends mostly upon his moral character. He mentioned that there were several players in Kansas City that he felt did not have the character needed to be successful, and those players are now gone. (Affeldt? Burgos?)
And then a question...
Q: What will happen with Mark Teahen?

A: Teahen will ultimately play the outfield. He could play third or DH to spell other players, but ultimately, he will be an outfielder.

And the answer to another question related to Zack Greinke but not specifically related to him it didn't seem...
We're finding that a lot of our players come from broken homes, and who have never really learned wrong from right. They are immature and don't know how to handle being on their own. We've created a new Character and Leadership Program in the minors to help teach players these things. We discuss things like "how did Jackie Robinson react, and how would you react?" We hope to give these kids some direction and develop them into strong young men with character.

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