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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Baserunning Correction

A small correction to my article on baserunning. The example I give of calculating the expected number of bases in a given situation was for an older version of the table I provided in the article.

It should have been:

2.25 = (.498 * 2) + (.441 * 3) + (.063 * -2)

For 2 out situation when the runner is on first (not second as the article says) and the batter doubles to left.

In addition, I mistakenly said that John Dewan co-founded STATS, Inc. and was in on the creation of Project Scoresheet. Actually, Project Scoresheet started in 1984 with Dewan becoming the Executive Director in 1987. He then joined STATS, Inc., which was founded a few years earlier by Dick Cramer. Dewan was instrumental in getting STATS to score games for profit just as Project Scoresheet had been doing but not for profit. Cramer eventually left STATS and Dewan became the President and CEO. In 2002 Dewan founded Baseball Info Solutions.

I was recalling what I had read in By The Numbers since my copied was loaned out and not returned, which shows how dangerous such a practice can be, and simply neve rechecked my facts. Thanks to Greg Spira for pointing these out.

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