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Monday, July 25, 2005

More Braves

Up late watching the tape of the Cubs/Cards game tonight and perused this interview of Kevin Goldstein on Baseball Digest Daily. In regards to Scout's Honor I found this exchange interesting:

"BDD: It’s no surprise that whichever organization we talk to, they love their minor league system. Can you compare and contrast the Red Sox, Dodgers, and Braves systems, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses? I ask about these three teams because we’ve had the opportunity recently to speak with members of their organizations.

KG: Sure. The Red Sox system has certainly taken a step forward, particularly in terms of pitching, with Jon Lester, Jon Papelbon and Anibal Sanchez all having seasons one could categorize as breakout. So while it’s an improving system and they have every reason to happy, they’re still not in the same league as the Dodgers or Braves. The Dodgers have one of the best systems in baseball and the Braves, well, we’ve seen most of their prospects at the major league level recently. They also do a remarkable job of scouting and development – it seems like they’re always loaded with prospects."

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