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Monday, July 04, 2005

Sickels on the Royals

I thought Royals fans who read this blog would be interested in John Sickels Royals Top 20 in Review article from his blog.

Interesting that Sickels comments for J.P. Howell, Ambiroix Burgos, Shane Costa, and Leo Nunez all include something to the effect that they were rushed to the majors, echoing my comments of yesterday (or I guess I echoed him since he published first). I was hoping that Chirs Lubanski, the Royals number one pick (5th overall) from 2003 would be higher than 17th and have a more encouraging outlook than:

"Pulling out of early season slump. Now hitting .259/.307/.511 with 17 homers. Power improving, though some of that is due to environment, and plate discipline and contact are still major questions."

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